Dipping my toe into the Bloggersphere. Better late than never? We Shall See…

Sooooo, inspired by my friends who blog when they visit our shared favorite place, I decided to start my own little blog. Still figuring it all out -.hopefully said friends (and all my other peeps) will stop by to say helloooo, and share my upcoming trip to you know where with me.

I was thinking about said friends – how I’ve met so many of my friends online (um..including my husband 🙂 ) Technology has invaded so much of our lives -.we’re tied to our email and addicted to facebook (guilty) and sometimes it overwhelms. Sometimes I  KNOW I should step away from the keyboard before it swallows me up.

But the internet has also opened up my world in so many wonderful ways. I have friends who live all over the US and in Canada. Australia. New Zealand. France. Denmark. Germany. Israel, Egypt – I’m sure I’m leaving some of them out. By putting myself out in the (online) world through forums and fan sites, I’ve met so many interesting wonderful people – many of whom I have had the privilege of meeting in person. People who love Paris as much as I do. Who love food and wine as much as I do. Who love my favorite band as much as I do (hell, I’ve even met members of said band.) Who care about social justice and progressive politics as much as I do. All through this little machine. Damn. Of course the interweb also allows me to stay close to my family and friends who I’ve known since the pre-wired days, when we had to write notes on scraps of paper. Amazing how far we have come,

Anyway, all that rambling to say that I feel blessed to have all of my friends and family in my life, and I hope you will come along with me on my journeys.  On y va !

4 thoughts on “Dipping my toe into the Bloggersphere. Better late than never? We Shall See…

  1. Great start! I LOVE your photos – inc the ones at the top here and the 1 at the bottom with the beautiful red door…. I’m going to imagine that I get to go with you to You-Know-Where someday, and in the meantime I will enjoy reading about your trips here. So do keep writing. Thanks.

  2. Love the blog and love the sentiments expressed even more. You’re a really good writer and I almost teared up reading about your tearing up, lol. I get it and I get you. Travel is it for us as well and as our leaky roof continues to leak, we continue to stash every extra cent into the almighty travel fund, lol.
    Can’t wait to read more. Hope you have a fantastic trip (yeah, as if you won’t)

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