Tales of Travel and Babies Not Forgotten

Hello dear friends and fellow travelers and seekers,

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted in my blog. So many chores and trying things and stressful things and adventures and happy times and excitement and LIFE in between. Breathe sister! I’m just checking in to state, on the record, that I am still trying to find a way to help those babies in Iraq, and have some good irons in the fire. I hope to start a new blog devoted to that really, hopefully really, soon, just working things out. But I can say that I will never give up on those babies. I won’t.

Because I decided to TRY separate my complicated lives once again; to focus in my other side in this blog, the travelin side, the side who needs to step away from the work every now and again and go to France and eat some damn good food and drink some damn good wine, and dance, that side. And that other side? The one who rails and rants against all the injustices in the world, the one who wants to save those babies and who wants to save Social Security and the one who is pro-union and pro-LGBT and anti corporate anything, well that one will devote her energies to Twitter (once she figures it out) and sometimes facebook and her new yet-to-be-created-but-will-be blog.

Sometimes the twain shall meet and there may be crossover, like next week when I travel to LA for the big CEPR fundraiser, well there may be some social commentary seeping in – please tune in to see what transpires.

And thanks for coming along on all of my journeys. I can’t wait to see where we go next…

PS: Please watch this clip if you haven’t already. I am hoping that I get to have the honor of working with the ex-marine featured in the post. I think he is amazing…


2 thoughts on “Tales of Travel and Babies Not Forgotten

  1. I am shocked and horrified at Ross testimony on your link. …..and ashamed because the British government ( and others) were also complicit in this appalling crime. all for what??? is Iraq a better place for its people now? Is the world a safer place?, No, indeed as a result of this war, the world is probably a much more dangerous place. As a result of the action of America and it’s allies in this war, many people have probably been radicalised.

    Does George Bush senior and junior feel better that they got rid of Saddam Hussain? what an awful price the people had to pay.

    Still this does not help the children.and their families. And all the discussion of who is responsible does not help them. Governments will probably waste millions trying to prove that is it not their responsibility but that does not matter, theses families want help now

    No wonder the people of Fallujah are reluctant to let Americans into the hospital

    My best wishes go with you Dawn on your fight for justice.

    Love Denise

  2. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments Denise. I totally agree with all the points you made – last week they dedicated the Bush library and I couldn’t stand to hear everyone glossing over the horrid things that his administration did. Iraq is a mess…people died and for what? Sigh…

    When I first started looking into a way to help those families I thought for sure that there would be many organizations here in the US raising funds for them. But, there are NONE. I have come to believe that working to build awareness, which includes calling for the government to take responsibility, is a necessary first step. I couldn’t even begin to raise a fraction of what’s needed. Information/education is the first step, working through the media as well as trying to connect with members of congress like Representative McDermott who was featured in the piece, hopefully that will keep this issue from being covered up forever. Someone suggested to me that this is Agent Orange all over again…when will we ever learn?

    In any event…your kind words are welcome, much love to you!!!

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