A Day in a Dog’s Life in Hawai`i

Aloha Kakou, Shelby here. I realized that it’s been a long time since I hijacked Mommy’s blog and wrote THIS AMAZING POST (Just click those words and you can read it!). I am so sorry that I haven’t let you know how I am doing. I know you want to hear ALL ABLOUT my move from Kaua`I to Moku O Keawe (some of you call it the Big Island but I know the proper names, beatches. ) Yes that’s right even though I am a Princess I have a potty mouth and I cuss sometimes so be forewarned. What can I say, I’m a Salty Dawg!

So there I was, LOVING my dog’s life on Kaua`I,

and next thing I know I’m not going to the farm anymore, and Mommy and Daddy are stressed out and I hear them talking, and I find out that Daddy “voluntarily resigned from his job at MY farm to pursue other professional opportunities” and I am like YEAH RIGHT, who in the hell does that in the MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC! MY Daddy ain’t that stupid! And then I hear that we are being forced to leave my most beautiful island and I am PISSED THE HELL OFF!!! Especially since I have to get into another damn crate and go to that awful terrible place where I don’t know where I am and it’s so scary and terrible! At least this time it only took what felt like ONE year before I saw Mommy again, I had missed her! Next thing I know I am in my old car Woo HOO riding in the car made me forget that horrible crate!

So we entered a driveway and Mommy parked and I looked around. Hmm lots of trees and fern things and pretty flowers….

what I was really looking for was a chicken to chase but there didin’t seem to be as many of them here. Bummer! But next thing I know we go into a house and I see my furniture so I feel better. Then Daddy comes and we all explore the land.

It’s not the same as Kaua`i, there aren’t as many chickens BUT I was able to find and catch two and man were they TASTY!
But MY BEST DAY EVER was when I got a pig, that FREAKED Mommy the hell out, but I was the happiest dog on the planet because I LOVE pork adobo! I am so BAD ASS!

So ok I was settling into my new life and thinking that I was going to really like it here when THEY brought this other dog home one day.

I REALLY do not like other dogs, mainly because they annoy me and get on my last NERVE because they are so dumb and they act like dogs! I am SO MUCH smarter than them!

But I didn’t mind this one so much. He was really old, he never barked and he stayed out of my way and off my beds. And I felt sorry for him because he had crippled back legs after being in a car accident (I can relate because I was hit by a car last year but thankfully  only had Road Rash!).

And he had to wear diapers and I felt SO EMBARRASSED for him. I was actually really sad when Mommy and Daddy had to take him away to go to sleep. I helped dig a hole in the backyeard to bury him in and I sometimes go there with Mommy to talk to him. RIP Hoku buddy I hope you are running FREE in Dog Heaven.

Right before Hoku went away I was minding my own damn business when this mangy skinny boy dog showed up in MY YARD! I was pretty pissed off but he was so starving and he had sores all over and fleas and he just looked so bad that I couldn’t hate him too much.

I felt even more bad for him when he had to go to the VET to get FIXED (OUCH!) And they pulled seven of his teeth which makes him look pretty goofy but must have hurt like hell.

But now I am not sure how I feel about him!!! He’s not skinny and sad anymore, he has WAY too much energy and he’s always coming over and horning his big old face in when I am getting MY LOVE from Mommy, GRRR that makes me MAD!! At least he doesn’t get up on the bed, that is MY special place. He wants to play with me ALL THE TIME though, OMG people what is wrong with these young BOYS?! I do play for like two minutes when we’re getting ready for our walk but only because I want to.

Otherwise I IGNORE him.

My sister Jordan is here and she has a cat,

I’m not sure how I feel about that either, but I am used to cats so it isn’t so bad and having Jordan near makes Mommy happy. So I am for that because I LOVE Mommy even though I pretend not to sometimes. That’s just how I roll.

I’m exhausted now people so I hope you are happy that I took the time out of my busy life to fill you in.

Be well dawgs, come visit Mommy she misses you all. And even though she misses Kaua`i and her friends there, she is grateful for her house here and she wants to do good work for the people, to give and not take.
Happy turkey day I’m hoping if I behave they will sneak me some meat!