The title of my blog comes from my favorite song by my favorite band (hint, it’s also my username) It fits on many levels. I am a former vegetarian foie gras eating lefty Francophile…for starters. I love to cook and I travel to France whenever I can, frequent flier miles willing. I love Paris. And food. And wine. And music. And art.

And I also really care about progressive issues and social justice.  But I usually leave that side for my other blog, And here it is, please check it out .http://justiceforthebabiesoffallujah.wordpress.com/

No, these musings are reserved for my little life outside my awesome job as chief fundraiser for a group of awesome and brilliant progressive economists who do WAY more than their part to try to change the world. (If they ruled the world it would be a wonderful place.)  I will never be able to raise all the money they deserve (if you know any rich lefties, hit a sister up). And, if you can help those Iraqi babies, please do…

This blog? This is just me, happy as I ponder how I can live my lucky good life to the fullest now (while I plot my French retirement in the future…)

I hope you find it worth reading.


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