Island Dog Tails…

Aloha Kakou! Shelby here, I am taking over my mom’s blog in honor of my other mom, Mary O.  She wanted to hear from me directly about how I am liking life on Kauai. So this post is in honor of Mary, Jim and Alex Opasik, my second family, who I love and miss very much.

OK, getting here was NOT FUN! I had to go to the vet many times and get shots and all kind of other nasty things that I HATE. And I had to get into a crate!!  I’ve always hated those damn things ever since they made me get in one when I came to Baltimore from Tennessee. I was SO NOT happy to be in a crate again, and I didn’t understand why Mommy made me do it, then she LEFT ME and I was in this most awful place and I hated it SO MUCH, and I was scared and shaking!!! But then after what seemed like TWO YEARS I got out and guess who was there? Mommy AND Daddy, and some woman who put this thing around my neck and then Mommy and Daddy put me in a car and I had no idea what in the hell was going on!!!

But…OMG SO MANY NEW SMELLS!! I was really in smell heaven; I didn’t care about not having any squirrels to chase. It was AMAZING. So green and smelly and beautiful. And Daddy took me to a FARM. Get out, I grew up on a freaking farm!! YAY! I was SO HAPPY to be back with the pigs! I get to go there every day. I’m in farm heaven.

But I did really miss chasing squirrels and rabbits and  pretty soon I was feeling bummed out that there are no squirrels and rabbits on Kauai. I didn’t know what to do with myself…until…I realized that there are literally a GAZILLION chickens on Kauai and guess what? They are even MORE fun to chase than squirrels because sometimes I even catch one! And nobody cares because everyone is like OMG we are so over the roosters crowing at 3AM. I am a HERO LOL!

And what is even more awesome, I get to go to the beach, and I LOVE IT! I run into the water and then my most favorite thing is to run back to the beach and roll around in the sand so that I am COVERED in sand. It’s so GREAT! I do hate it when Mommy and Daddy rinse all that sand off in the shower though. That SUCKS! Why can’t I have all the fun?

I also have made some new friends here. Don’t worry Alex, I am still your girl. Bomba and I are JUST FRIENDS I SWEAR SWEETIE LUV U! xoxo

I did have a little accident – some damn ass car HIT ME! It hurt like hell but I am on meds and I think I’m gonna be ok. I got lots of love and treats and my mom told me that everyone was thinking good thoughts about me and I loved that. I’m a SUVIVOR people.

So, I look forward to continuing my MOST amazing life as the Most Happiest Dog on Kauai. PLEASE come visit Mommy, she misses her friends and I just can’t be there for her ALL THE TIME, I have too many chickens to chase.

Aloha from Kauai, dawgs!!

Shelby, AKA Shel Belle, AKA Shoobs OMG they need to make up their freakin minds!

6 thoughts on “Island Dog Tails…

  1. Love your blog, Shelby! Yes, sounds like heaven to me! But that darn car…boo, but you are a survivor! Just be careful now! But have fun!!! Great about the chickens. I was just in Key West and man, there are a lot there too…crowing at all the hours of night (and day), just like where you are. If you run out of chickens there, you could help the situation in Key West someday..ha! But think you are in such a paradise..and shudder about another crate trip….so just enjoy there …splash into the waves (sigh..sounds blissful to me) (I wonder why your mom and pop are so uptight about that sand..its everywhere, right?)!!! XOX

  2. Shelby sweet pea. So kind that you made your blog in honor of us. I love the photos and interesting way of expressing yourself. We love you and miss you all very much. Please take care and so glad you are resting and healing after your accident. Alex saw a black dog on the beach but it wasn’t you. No one can hold a candle to you. Looking forward to more Island Dog Tails. Kisses & hugs, xoxoxox, Mary, Jim & Alex Opasik

    • Momma Mary! I love and miss all of you SO much! If I didn’t get to go to the farm or the beach here I would swim back to you all! It’s hard for all of us because we love Kauai so much but we miss our friends. Maybe you can visit sometime?’ Love, Shelby

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